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Since 1940, the Fritz family of Newport (southeast of St. Paul) has been packaging candy and snacks, including those minuscule hearts you got in grade school on Valentine's Day. (If you're still wondering what Donna, the class tease, really meant by "Luv U" - the answer is likely not much.) Fritzie Fresh, as the brand is known, buys its candy from about a hundred different manufacturers, and new product lines reflect the times: Gummi Army Men and Gummi Fighter Jets are among recent introductions. But old-fashioned licorice snaps, those chewy little pastel tubes of, well, let's face it, sugar, may never go out of style. Tearing at licorice whips is a good way to lose a tooth. Much better to pop in a piece bit by pre-packaged bit. So easy it's...a snap.

Stores that carry Fritzie Fresh Candies include:
Cub Stores, Knowlans, Festival Foods and many quality independent grocers.


"Your new packaging looks great. You were looking for a more current look, but it is not just current, it stands out."
~ Erick Doyle, Markem Corporation

"I just wanted to thank you for your products over the years. I have been. and will be, a customer for many years. Now my children and grandchildren love your products too. I'm a little bit sorry I shared..."
~ Nancia Santine, Consumer

"Fritize Fresh --- through consistent quality, upscale packaging, and affordable price points --- keeps the impulse buy in their package candy sales."
~ Greg Jarnot, Retail Category Manager