Fritzie Fresh Logo

It was 1940 when Joe and Elizabeth Fritz opened the red house doors as the Fritzie Fresh Company. A time of uncertainly, a time when even America’s sweet tooth was touched by WWII. Candy and confections were hard to come by indulgences. As a candy-packaging operation, Joe and Elizabeth purchased bits and pieces, ends and odd lots from several candy manufacturers— the full bars went straight to soldiers in the field. Joe was the sales rep, delivery driver and big believer. Elizabeth was the office manager, accountant and big thinker.

During the 65-plus years since the red house, we’ve hired some very good help and moved out of the basement. Fritzie Fresh grew into a busy warehouse and production facility handling candy, nuts and healthy snacks. In addition, the values, honesty and premium quality have also grown to create the respected Fritzie Fresh reputation.

The Fritz family of Newport, Minnesota still own and operate the business nearly within sight of the original Fritzie Fresh Company red house. We are still in business of helping our customers succeed and prosper. And always, we’re still big believers and still big thinkers.